Impostors is FINALLY OUT!!! We want to thank every single one of you for being so patient while we were cooking this album. Many things happened during the process: some losses, some births... You know, life. But we're damn proud of those songs and we hope you'll like them! Special thanks to Jérôme Indermühle for the recording and mixing, to Lionel Nemeth for the pictures, as well as our exceptional horn section on the track Impostor!, Nicolas Gurtner and Jonas Vernerey! On another note, we want to let you know that with this album release we'll be going on an indefinite break. First of all, believe it or not, it's been exactly 10 DAMN YEARS since David and Fantin met and created Deep Kick. Don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but today we've been finding ourselves very busy with either personal musical projects (DC & The Marvels, Pale Male, EVJI) or our families... Yep, dudes are getting old enough to be called daddies ;) We won't stop making music, and we want to keep the possibility of locking ourselves up in Filo's studio to record songs, but without warning, without schedule and also without pressure. So don't expect anything new from Deep Kick, at least for now. It's gonna be okay guys: you're the goddamn best fans <3 Now enough with melancholy, time to enjoy the groove, and have fun listening to our new record! Impostors is out everywhere: Bandcamp - Spotify - iTunes - Amazon - CDBaby
OMFG I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE DEAD!!!" New song. New video. On stage tomorrow @Octopode Festival Geneva, 20:30. Much love to you all! Get the HQ audio here!
Hey fellas! We just released the first single from "Impostors", our upcoming album. The new track is called "Apple Tree". Check it out!